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Bose CD mechanical problems

Aug 30, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO USA
84 Z51 auto R.I.P. 89 black roadster SOLD
rdgfx3 said:
My 90 model will play CD-R,but not CD-RW.

That's very typical. Any CD player "should" be able to play a CDR. What you run into sometimes is just lousy media. For making audio CDs don't use the cheapo discs.

CDRW is a completely different animal. The main difference between a CDR and CDRW is reflectivity. A CDR is about 80% reflective while a CDRW is only about 20% reflective. The audio CD players aren't designed to cope with the low reflectivity of CDRW media.


I'm cookin' now!

I got my radio back from Dr Don's, and it plays like a charm... AM, FM, cassette, CD, all buttons, all functions, everything! :upthumbs

I was a little worried at first... when I won the EBay auction, I EMailed the Doc, requesting his preferred payment type, and shipping address. I got an automated response saying that he would answer soon, but it never happened. I tried once more with the same results. Finally, I decided to send the radio off to the address on his web site along with a Money order. I EMailed him again to explain it was on its way, but again, he never answered (except for the worthless automated response)

One mistake I made was to send it Parcel Post. It took 10 days! If you plan to send one, use 1st class for $.40 more(Ibelieve), or use UPS or FedX.

Anyway, three days after arriving at Dr Don's (per the USPostal Service web site), I received my radio!!! It was beautifully sealed in plastic, and packaged in a box within another box... really nice.

I was really tempted to tear it apart to see if the CD was brand new, but the Doc put a warranty label across two pieces of the case to prevent me from poking around. I don't blame him one bit. I'm just happy to have it fixed... thanks, Doc! :beer

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