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Brakes on 74 vette


Oct 27, 2001
1974 white ragtop
is there supposed to be 2 bleeder screws on the front callipers. This car has duel bleeders on the rear.. but only 1 on the front
My '79 has 3 bleed screws in the back and 2 in the front.
Carrida - Factory brakes on a 74 Vette should have one bleed screw per caliper. In 1978 the rear calipers had a second bleed screw added. It is possible that the calipers on your rear are actually replacements for a newer model year. The front should only have one bleed screw per caliper, regardless of year. When bleeding the calipers with two bleed screws, be sure to bleed the inner then outer on each caliper.

1979 Toy - You say you have three in the rear, do you mean three per caliper? I'm confused:confused, I've never seen such a setup. Do your calipers have a manufacturer casting on them, if so who is it? Maybe someone else has seen such a thing. As for two up front, if you mean per caliper, again I've only seen the single bleed screw design up front.
I thought the rears had two while the front only had one. As a result you can bleed the front with the wheels on but have to remove the wheels on to rear to bleed them.


I've never seen a 3-bleeder set up either. Got some pics to show us? Love to know what the third one is for.

......... Nut
3 screws

Actually, it looks like three bleeders. The rear have two bleeders up top pointing to the front of the car, and a plug in the rear. At first glance it looks like a third bleeder. I guess you could always unscrew it and make it bleed.

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