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braking 60-0?



What are 60-0 times for a 1994 Coupe. Any other braking speeds welcome.
Terrible, if yours brakes like mine! Why did they use such awful brakes? They feel fine in normal driving, but just stomp them hard and see what happens. My old Probe has better brakes.
I understand the 96's got biggger brakes, and it was an option on 95's. I wonder how hard ($$$$$$$?) it's is to upgrade?

Ecklers has kits to convert to the larger disc and calipers.
I cut a hole in the floor board for the right foot so I can drag it while holding the pedal with the left.......cut about three feet off the total distance....:J :J :J :J :J
I don't know where Whitehouse is. East of Dayton maybe?

It must be in the water.....
Whitehouse is 15 minutes south of Maumee, which is just south of Toledo....

Wow, that's so cool! When I think Porshe, I think killer brakes and stellar handling. It's good to know the Corvette can hold it's own against the big boys!:D


P.S. I hear Porshe is developing a 360 degree ceramic caliper...
Eagle85C4---- I cut a hole in the floor board for the right foot so I can drag it while holding the pedal with the left.......cut about three feet off the total distance...

I was think that if I put in a line lock, I could cut 2 holes in the floorboard and drag BOTH feet! :_rock

That should cut another 3-4 feet off the stopping distance. :s
Well I was gonna keep it a secret....but I also cut out the passenger side floor and got my brother to help... should be able to try it again as soon as he gets the casts off.....:J :J :J
Why wait? the casts might actually help. the cast will increase friction and also reduce the heat transfer.

The '01 Porsche Twin Turbo stops at 109' (my friend owns one and I can vouch for it). The new ceramic rotors on the '02 TT's are supposed to stop in the are of 100'. The non-ABS stock Vipers stop at a crappy 155 feet and the new ABS Viper stop at 110. Don't any of you find it hilarious that there hasn't been a single car magazine who has performance tested the Viper since the change to ABS? It's probably because this was the one and only complaint that any of them had about the Viper, and the DC doesn't pay for the ad space.

I changed my brakes out to Stop Tech's and have astopping distance of 110'. Even better, my rotor temperatures which used to hit in excess of 1,300 degrees on the track, now run just a little higher than 700 degrees. In driving road courses the temperatures are a bigger concern than 60 to 0 stopping.

Just my $.02.

Ceramic rotors? Do they make them for the vettes? Other then the positive of stopping shorter...are there any advantage or disadvantage to changing to a daily driver...run it when you can?
With feet inside I might add....:beer :xmas :xmas :xmas

Actually , I ask because on the way home through the country, after about the third or forth stop sign I feel the rotors in the pedal and start of the shake....I am not one to turn rotors....replace them.
Ok, I did some looking.....This is what I was able to find.

In the Fall 1991 issue of Corvette Quarterly, they published an article with the details and specifications of the 1992 vette. Included in these specs are the 60-0 stopping distance, 125 feet. The brakes in the specs list 12" brakes.

This should be close to the 1994 model.


btw, the ZR-1 has the same stopping distance.
I think my 92 Corvettes brakes are outstanding. But it has the ZO-7 option. I have a G-tech and I suppose I could do some sort of a test with it but I am very satisfied.

The only manufacturer that I know of that offers ceramic brake rotors is Porsche (on their GT2 Twin Turbo Carrera). They are made to reduce unsprung corner weighting, which results in better and more responsive handling. I believe that the car's weight also has something to do with ceramic brake's adaptibilty for wider commercial use. Their temperatures are able to stay down because the cars are usually lighter than 3,000 pounds.

Here is a link to their ceramic brake solution .

Here's how they look...


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