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Bruning oil?


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Nov 2, 2000
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I started up Eye Candy last night and was greated with the low oil light. I cheked the engine and she was low about 1 1/2 quarts. I dont think she has a leak though. I checked the ground in my garage and there are a few random spots of oil, but no signs of a big leak. I aslo checked the tail pipes but I couldnt find any oil residue that might have been blown through the exhaust system to indicate she's burning oil.

It is time for her to get an oil change though. Its been about 6,000 miles since she had one. Is this rate of consumpion normal?


I have had cars that will stay on the full mark for 3-4g miles then start dropping. A product of the oil getting dirty. I think that it is normal for an engine to use some oil at longer change intervals. I'm still stuck in the 3000 mile change habit. Of course it depends on how you drive it. Mostly around town would call for more frequent changes. Then again a heavy right foot will natuarally use some oil.

Try checking the oil every few driving days and track how long it is before it starts to drop. You may just need to change it more often.

A friend of mine recently had a small oil leak in his LT-4. It happened at about 42,000 miles. I can't remember what the problem was exactly, but I know it was no big deal nor was it expensive. He fixed it rather quickly. Try getting under there with a drop light & really looking up underneath that bad-boy:D Hopefully everything is cool:)


The computer in the car will let you go for 5500-6500 miles before you need an oil change. It will monitor the RPM, driving conditions, stuff like that and a light will come on when it's time to change the oil.

She was going to get an oil change this weekend anyway. Just one more reason to do so.


Hunting down the source of those little drops of oil sounds like a good idea. Best to catch it while it's a small problem.:)

Chevy oil


Once the small block Chevy gets a few miles on it they usually begin to use a little oil. Check the ground where you usually park and look for oil spots and determine where it is leaking from. Get a friend to help you and stand behind the car after it has sat for a while. If there is a puff of white smoke from the exhaust when you first start the motor it usually indicates worn valve guides. This is a common Chevy problem and doesn't mean much. Follow your car under acceleration, if it produces smoke under a load then oil is getting past the rings. This is a more serious problem and needs to checked further. I know it's aggravating, no one likes to see their car smoke. I wouldn't worry if you use a little oil between oil changes, it won't hurt anything.
My LT4 presently has a small oil leak on the passengerside that I have yet to locate. I'll have a lift this weekend, so I hope to catch it.

It does not burn ANY oil at all, and I DRIVE the car!

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