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LT4 Build list and Dyno run at Tom Wong's

1996 LT4 Topic


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Jun 6, 2005
lol...(ie: 1987 Bright Red Coupe)
In Dec, I bought a 96 LT-4 with 56,000 on it. I just got back from an extremely fun road trip through the Oregon twisties with a trip to Tommy Wong's shop In Vancouver Wa. Tom is a Corvette aficionado who has extensive knowledge and build skills. This stocker with muffler deletes maxed at 310 hp and had an amazingly flat torque curve that maxed at 333 ftlbs. (nor sure about correction info)

His list is:
-LT4 Hot Cam and lifters
-Long tube American Racing headers with mufflers added for cabin decibel control
-K&N filter in stock box
-373 gears instead of 4:10's for better drive-ability (has stock 3:40's now)
-timing set,Plus Clutch and Distributor based on condition.

Funny thing about this trip were all the Corvette owners, who I just happened to run into, who all know, use and highly recommend him. :)

(thanks Rob)... ;)
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