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Buy used from a dealer, get the warranty



Took the car in today to get wheels installed, 160 degree thermostat and radiator flush. I am very fortunate to have found a Corvette specialist in the Phoenix area that does excellent and reasonable work and is honest. When I came back the wheels were on (I'll post a picture when I figure out how) but no flush or thermostat. The owner said he didn't like the way it was running when he pulled it in and checked the computer. He found that it was missing intermitently on four cylinders and suspected the opti-spark.

I called the dealer with the symptoms and he confirmed the diagnosis and told me with a smile that it would be $1,100.00 to replace (I bought the car two months ago). Imagine my smile when I told him I had purchased a warranty with a $100.00 deductible. It has now paid for itself and I still have 22 months left on it.

Sometimes you get lucky.


When I bought the '95 last year I purchased and extended warranty through my credit union. At tht Bloomington Gold show my keyless entry went. Total cost of the repair was almost $1100 my cost $0. AS with yours, that just about paid for the complete policy (I got a $0 deductible so I'm sure the policy was a little more) I was surprised how little hastle there was getting it fixed with the aftermarket warranty at the Chevy dealer. I'll consider this company vs. GM on my next new vehicle(or should I say my wife's next new vehicle:)).


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Jul 5, 2002
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Warranty Gold

Definitely, the warranty is the way to go!!!

When I purchased my 96 LT4, the previous owner had purchased an aftermarket warranty from Warranty Gold. It was an easy transfer into my name (only $50) and the deal said that they are a pretty good company.

(Cross-my-fingers) Nothing has failed on my car "yet" after almost a year of owning it, so I haven't used them. I am covered up to 88,000 (about ~2 years).

So I was just wondering if any other vette owners had a warranty from this company? Any experiences?


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