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buying a '77 vette



I am looking at a '77 white vette. I am looking for a restoration project and I think this is perfect. I would like some feedback though because I am not as educated as I should be in the Corvette world. It is selling at around $4500. It is in excellent mechanical condition, but it has a cracked dash and is in dire need of a paintjob. It has the automatic transmission with the L82 engine. Is this a good price? Please give me feedback. Thank You.
I guess it sounds okay to me...

...but I'm not an expert!
If the mechanical end of it is as great as you say, and the vette only needs light cosmetics...it sounds good. I looked at a 74 with an L82, don't remember if it was stick or auto, that was TRASHED and the guy wanted $4500. I mean, it needed EVERYTHING for the interior, under the hood was a mess even tho it ran strong and its current paint job wouldn't even make a 20 foot-er! More like football field length!
If you're unsure to trust your own Corvette-judgement, and lets face it -we can all be easily swept away by a Corvette we want to buy- you could try to locate a local Vette club and ask a knowledgeable member to come take a look with you and be your devil's advocate.
Everyone likes looking at Vettes and spending other people's money!;)


ps happy hunting for the perfect Vette for you!
Thanks for the info. My neighbor has a '68 convertible and I will have him come along with me to take a look.

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