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Buying a vintage 'vette - help



Hi. I need some help...this also is my first time posting here. These are the details:

It is almost my 18th birthday, and I'm buying a 73' Corvette Stingray--what will soon be my first dragger to custom build. I've selected 1973 because it is before the new smog/emissions standards. But, there is one snare I haven't figured out and need help with: engine size. A friend of mine has a nice (almost new) big block 427 aluminum crate for it, plus will sell it to me for cheap, but I'm not sure if it'll fit in a '73 without serious modifying, cutting, etc... Are all 73's equipped for this size or only some? Nothing is carved in stone yet; I'm still outlining the plans for this asphalt-eating badboy. Suggestions welcome.

- Eric
hi nuke, welcome. yes it will fit. the location of the motor mounts and bell housing are the same on a bb and sb for this year. there is more involved then just stabing the motor. cooling, susp, exhaust, acc brackets, etc. you will need to find or buy these parts to fit a bb. as far as just droping in and bolting up yes it will fit. hood clearance may also be a concern. sounds like a great project. several people on here have done this swap maybe they will chime in and give you more details. good luck, robert
just a thought, a 427 is a internal balanced motor a 454 is external balance, when picking a flywheel, and vibration damp, be sure to get one for a internal balanced motor. robert
L88 Hood?

Hi Eric:
And welcome to CACC ... lots of friendly helpful folk here ... a great site! I've not done the swap. But as Robert says, there are those here that have done it. From your post, it seems you have the small block ... and probably the low, sb hood ... and that it'll be a drag car. Judging from posts of sb-to-bb swappers, hood clearance can be a big problem ... especially if using a hi-rise intake manifold as drag cars often do. It seems that a BB with hi-rise intake will probably need the taller L88 hood (or other means). Again, I don't know this ... but from others' posts it appears it may be a problem.

Check this thread from another sb-to-bb swapper: http://corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1846[/URL]

Good luck and keep us posted.
robert, thanks for the info; much appreciated.
i wanted it to be a high street performance rather than track.
so far it is looking great, and i was aware about the hood clearance issue. As for the rest of the connecting components, radiator, bracks, springs, exhaust, etc.. danny said he'd pitch in a bit

it pays to have a best friend also a manager at a garage : )

Jack--a few weeks ago i researched (retail only) prices on a fiberglass big block hood. to summarize: the price tag hurt. $1,000 for the one i wanted. do you or anyone else know of any place to acquire one for cheaper? This isn't the kind of money you just find lying in the couch.

Thanks for all of your help
- Eric
ecklers sells them for less than half that. do a search on the internet and i am sure you will find what you are looking for a lot less than a grand. zip, ecklers, any of the supply houses will have most the parts you are looking for fairly reasonable. i choose to buy most of my parts from zip. by buying most of your parts from one vender [you choose] you will find they get to know you and deliver better service. tim kromer at zip is a great guy he saw how much i was purchasing and gave me a great discount. also if you ever have a problem if the company knows you are using them for most of you needs they will be more likely to go out of thier way to help and make it right. i can't speak for other companys but zip has been great. just my opi robert

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