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C-5 LeMans Pace Car at Barrett Jackson


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Jan 7, 2005
2004 Torch Red Coupe
The 2003 C5 LeMans Pace Car went for $47,500 as I recall at the Palm Beach auction. But, most of the muscle cars were off about 50% in price from the last Scottsdale auction. Is the Scottsdale money just looser or is the market for muscle cars (comprised mainly of old guys who couldn't afford them when they were new) getting saturated?

I'm looking for another '40 Ford Deluxe Coupe, but this time with a C5 frame, suspension and drivetrain. One sold at auction for $40,000 - now that's an affordable daily driver hot rod.

If the next Scottsdale market is down look for some really cherry cars to come out at excellent prices within a year or two - a lot of those old guys are dying and their widows couldn't care less about the cars.

Ripp 73

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Oct 13, 2004
Columbus, OH
1973 L82 Blue Coupe
As they kept saying on the show, this is only the third or fourth year for the show. So they haven't gotten all the attention of everyone yet. Some great looking cars, some worth money, some not. The 2003 C5 sold for what I thought it was worth. But the special cars that had the numbers matching, paper work, and good detail sold for what they were worth.
As I also recall a 2004 Ford GT sold for $230,000 which is what almost $90,000 more then new? The only difference is that you didn't have to wait two years to get it, you could take it home that night. Now if they had ran a 2006 Z-06 across that block, I'm sure it would have brought a pretty penny or two.


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