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C2 Progress Update Part II - Wiring Question




Got Grandads 64 back from paint, only to realize that all the ground wires were left off the tailights, so I got to remove the rear bumbers and valence panels this weekend. I then realized that whomever painted the car in the 60's for grandad cut the wiring for all the lamps instead of indoing the connectors (and did the old twist and tape manouver upon re-assembly:nono ) I went ahead and ordered new front lamp assemblies, I repaired the rear wiring harnesses as best I could with soldering and heat shrink.

My question, I have found yet another mystery wire(s), It is a very short section off the harness coming throught the firewall in the grommet just next to the wiper motor. It is a two wire connector, the wires are black with a pink stripe, and black with a green stripe. I know it wasn't connected to anything before, and everything seemed to work, but this will drive me insane until evertyhing is hooked up properly.

I tried to locate in my wiring diagrams, but I could not find any likely candidates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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