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callaway aerobody assembley Q's


bill mcdonald

I have a few Q's about this.

1. Is there some sort of reflective pieces behind the front turn signals/fog lights and tail lights for the light bulbs to reflect off?

2. How are the front turn signal lenses attached to the nose, and tail lights covers for the rear bumper (hidden screws)?

3. Does this kit do away with the clear side marker lights that turn on when you hit the turn signal with a stock corvette?

4. Does this kit use the stock bulbs for the fog, turn, and tail lights?

5. What changes are done to picking up air for the radiator?
Is the front air dam removed, the bottom sealed, and the holes in the nose used to pick up the air?

6. When the nose is put on, do you remove the stock impact material from the nose or mod it in any way?

7. As far as the nose goes, are there "other" pieces that go inside there for structure support or air flow direction?



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Feb 18, 2002
Bill, not sure about a lot of the ?'s w/out looking but... No crash stuff I can see on mine and the lower air dam is removed.
The side lights that illuminate when "cornering" are deleted as well as you will have a turn lens and a fog lens up front..
90Callaway ought to have some good info on this topic -Kevin...
Good luck w/ the install, I assume you got the kit in the mail ok now? Later - *89x2*



I have a Callaway Aerobody Installation Guide. If it helps I can scan you a copy.



Sounds like Luigi has you covered...

What the guide may not tell you is that it probably won't fit well and will be a HUGE PITA to install. Expect to be doing lots of fitting... refitting... panel matching... building up low spots... block sanding... etc.

Also, If you are missing any pieces for the lighting assemblies it's going to be bad. IF (and that's a big if) Callaway has the parts they are going to be REALLY expensive. I hope you have everything.

Luigi - If you are going to scan that guide, I'd really appreciate a copy too if its not too much trouble. :D

bill mcdonald

Re: Sounds like Luigi has you covered...

Yes, please scan/photocopy a copy for me.

It looks like the kit was picked up by a shipping company. and it should be here next wed, asuming TX does not get hit by a storm that seems to be forming.

When I get the kit I want to jump in and make sure everything is there, so I am trying to get everything lined up now.

Thanks guys.

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