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Hey everyone. I am new to the site and I thought that you might be able to help me with something. I am purchasing a wrecked C4 Corvette with a salvaged title. I am doing this just to build a race car. I would like to add the Callaway body panels but I really don't want to pay the $7,000 for a new kit when this is a salvaged car. I was wondering if any of you had some extra panels, maybe damaged stuff that I could buy. I am not trying to pass this off as a true Callaway or trying to make money on the car or anything and I am sure that some of you don't like this idea but I am only doing this so I can have a car that is different from everyone else. The condition really doesn't matter because I am a bodyman and can fix things such as ripped bumper covers and such. If you do have some parts please email me. Thank you for your time to read my request.


I don't believe there are too many spares floating around. Last year there was a full Callaway Aerobody kit for sale on ebay - very surprised to see it there, although the reserve was high enough that you would be paying close to full price.


Well I must confess to being one of those guys that really doesn't like seeing Callaway aerobody panels on non Callaway cars. It just doesn't make sense to me because I think of it as an add-on to a Callaway car rather than a stand alone body kit.

Anyway, having said that there are some things you should know. I'm not sure what you mean by "race car". Are you talking drag race or road course? You don't want to be mixing it up with other cars with an Aerobody. They are made of rigid laid up fiberglass and not urethane. They are thin and brittle. Just a little tap and it's going to shatter or shred the glass. I've seen it and it's not pretty.

At the cost of these panels I don't think you'd want to risk it. It's highly unlikely you'll find a complete kit used for a good price. Like it was mentioned there was one on Ebay last year but it's the only one I've seen.

Good luck with you quest.


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Feb 18, 2002
...everything 90callaway said, and more. It would be a good idea to stay away from an Aerobody for anything that comes close to being a racecar... I have seen some decent Greenwood kits (esp. the "full kit" w/ winsheild posts) and a place like Ecklers or Mid America may be helpful here.
Good luck.


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
I know of one Aerobody kit for sale, I heard they wanted 6 grand for it. Also remember if you don't want to try and pass this off as a Callaway then don't install the rear end, as it has Callaway where Corvette should be on the aerobody



That's nice to hear you are building a street/track race vette. Nice! I am doing the same and I also was wondering how to get a Callaway set. Callaway does sells them, but for incredible price, and I must confess, I would do the same if I was Callaway.

But maby I can help.

I am developping a Carbonfiber body, together with 3 different companys, wich are familiar with racecars. The body wich will be made will be first made with the use of my currend body. I have LeMans like headlights and a heatextractorhood. I wil add downforce grondeffects to my frontbumper and use the places where the foglights where for coolingducts. Maby I add a wing too (type c5) at the rear (zr1 style) and I will make the body a little bit wider. The grandsportflares are not wide enough.
When all of this is satisfying, than I will made the whole body out of carbon fiber. Maby the front all out of one piece.
But all of this will take more than one year, maby longer, also because of the high cost of labor.

I hope, when I will be ready, have made a 1986 corvette which its weight only 1100kg!!

Then you have a mean motherf***r! This will do cornering you won't believe.

If you are interested, let me know.



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