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cams choices ??



Need help on to the cam, going on a 1981 . I now have the perfroemer rpm heads, the performer manifold and 600 cfm performer carb. that are going in

Looking for a high end street cam. Somthing that will give me the most power and the best rumble with out throwing off my idle too far. I love the choppie sound but dont want to louse power on all my accessories at the stop light. Plus still using my Air conditioning. Is there any thing for high street performance but retains a decent idle?

Anyone have a good directio for me. I spoke with edelbrook and they said the only street option they had was the 2102 and it was very mild, close to a stock replacment. He said to try Crane, they have no support number and I have absolutly no knowledge on cams.

See my thread from a couple of weeks ago titled 'Lumpy L-48'. Ganey had some very good suggestions for street cams.

That is strange that Edelbrock presented the info to you in that way. I would go with the Performer RPM cam to match the other parts you have. With 9.5:1 compression, RPM heads, intake, and Edelbrock carb, they put out over 400 hsp.

At least that way it would all be apples to apples.

Be cautioned that a "radical" cam does not always equate to more hsp (Especially on a street car).

Do some more homework, and use those tech lines offered by the major cam companies. You don't have to be a cam expert to slected "matched" parts by doing a little extra homework.
I have a 284 blue racer car

Lumpy idle and runs awesome

If you can find the thread on lumpy L48 you will read my comments on cams. My thoughts on matching kits are well documented in quite a few threads.

It was a cold but decent dry day over here and I was stuck waiting for the boiler repair man so I decided to pull my Vette out and fire up for the first time this year. Check out the link to hear what a Performer RPM cam sounds like. :D


RPM cam on Open Pipes
My personal favorite street cam is the Crane Energizer 272. It has .454 lift 272 duration and 110 centerline. It has incredible mid-range to high end torque and a slightly lumpy idle. It won't kill your vac accessories or your gas milage. You should buy the complete kit: cam lifters and valve springs, but since your heads should already have new springs you can get just the cam and lifters. About $140.00
Mike, Tom, that mpeg from John didn't stir your blood? ;)

_ken :w

I cant get the page to display.

Well, you'll like it when you do get it open. :L

Did you try different types of media players? ;)

_ken :w
No problem Ken, your cheque is in the post. ;) A click on the link should download the file to your temperory folder and then it can be opened and veiwed with real player or windows media player or if you visit my site there is a link to the page with mpegs.

I like it! I like it!
Holy Warbirds Batman!!! Jeez John.... that sounded like a P-51 Mustang!!! on idle. I had my speakers up and was not paying attention when the .mgeg fired up. Scared my secretary half to death. (at least now she's awake for the rest of the day. :D)

.......... Nut

And now she knows what you do too. :L

Sounds good!
Who's sounds better? Mine or John's?


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