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camshaft question


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
how will a tuned port injection system (mass air flow setup) react to my 82's stock cross-fire cam, I have heard that tpi's are very hard to get to run right without a compatible camshaft so Im curious how close would my stock cam come to a tpi cams specs, also I have a painless harness but the O2 sensor wire is setup to reach the exhaust manifold and my vettes O2 sensor is way down by the cat converter will leghtening the O2 sensor wire cause problems in anyway


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Hey, now you are talking my language. A cross fire cam and a TPI cam would be pretty close as they each require a lobe seperation that will encourage strong vacuum at idle etc.

Cam specs for a TPI require that you keep a fairly moderate cam to see the biggest increase in power. A good example is the 2040 and 2050 flat tappet crane cams. Both work extremely well in a street car with TPI and mild mods.

You can lengthen the O2 wire, but I would suggest you get the O2 within about 5" down stream of the place where all four pipes become one. Plus, you really really really (can't stress this enough) need to get a heated O2 sensor. It does wonders to get the car into closed loop faster and make it run more lean.

I have used the painless harness for fuel injection before and have no complaints.

You are going to have a cool combo. However, I would suggest you go ahead and at least do a 2040 Crane compu cam for an extra little pocket change you will get a few extra ponies and better torque.

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