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Can it be true?

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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
Folks...as I stated in here earlier...I have a couple of injectors leaking on my 95. Little over 90K miles, with original injectors. Here's the deal....a friend of mine told me that instead of paying over $800 for GM injectors, that I should get me a set of Bosch/Ford racing injectors....that they are compatible with the LT1 engine. I looked them up...they're only $119 for a set of 8!!

Anyone in here familiar with this compatibility issue? My local parts guy at first said they weren't compatible, but when he ran the part numbers...bang!...they were.

I'm wondering if this is just too good to be true...can I actually buy a new set of bosch injectors for less than the local vette shop wants just to clean mine???
I have an 85 L98 I think its the only year but I have Bosch Injectors to Also I think its the only year again that 28Lbs was installed Vs the GM's 24 leaving me all the room in the world for other Mods

My Opinion Go for the Bosch if they work for ya
With that in mind bud having some more Fuel flow Id suggest you invest in a Full MSD Igntion (I hear the Cranes like to heat up and melt down) and Bosch +4 plugs

Do them at the same time so you'll notice the Huge difference and be Incredibly happy
Contact the experts at TPiS before you buy those Accel/Ford injectors.

Here is the deal, the 85-93 Vettes had a batch fire system. That is, all the injectors fire at the same time every time. The 94-96 use a sequential fire injection system. That means that the injector has a different pulse pattern and width that it fires. For example, if you put 96 injectors in a 86 Vette, the 86 vette will run way too rich as all 8 will pulse a wide width of fuel. In the inverse, the 86 injector in a 96 would cause it to run way too lean and run like poop.

If the parts supplier that you buy the injector kit from specifically states they are a direct replacement, then I would consider it. I ran the Accel injectors in my stroked 85 with no problems. However, just remember that the lbs per hour and the width/band of the pulse are two different things.

Just try www.tpis.com I usually talk to Terry out there. He knows his stuff. They can rebuild your stockers, or send you a new set of Bosh injectors. Also, check you local Desiel supply houses. Most of them that rebuild Turbos and Desiel injectors can also rebuild gas injectors. We have one here in town called Desiel Air and they do it all.

In any event, do some good research before making this swap and realize that you are running a sequential fire system.
If you run a 28Lbs injectors Vs your exisisting 24's you'll be fine but With an MSD your guarranteed the extra fuel will be burnt off giving you better fuel mileage PLUS added Horsepower Its a win win all the way around when I did my MSD set up I noticed a HUGE difference off the line it must have shaved 1/2 a second off my 1/4 mile time

My car never really ""threw"" me into my seat before and after I but the MSD in redid the Coil and put in Wires and plugs I felt a push into my seat thats what I noticed

Now with all the other stuff I defey anyone to grab a 100$ bill off the dash hehe

Didn't they break the injectors into 2 set's and those 4 fired together.....?

and #2 the computer controls the pulsewidth ( to some extent ) and will lean or richen up the mixture based on the O2 sensor.

Now I realize the computer can do trims and not HUGH adjustments...

However we are talking about solonoids

So the output of the injector is the combination
of fuel pressure, size of opening & pulsewidth.
So the 24 vs the 28 injectors would indicate the 28 will flow more fuel over the same time with the same pulse width.

They CAN'T be all that different ( between consumer car applications)..

Can they????

TPIS thinks that 27-30lb injectors are too big for the 350ci. This taken from their website when asked the question:

"No these are much too big for any 350ci motor. Unless you are running an aftermarket engine management computer, which would allow you to run any size injector you want. We have found that by running a stock size injector and increasing the fuel pressure, via an adjustable regulator, you will get a better spray pattern. The better spray pattern gives better atomization (which is the mixture of the fuel and air) and increased horsepower. So if your stock injectors are working good, just do a custom PROM and boost the fuel pressure and you will be happy. Unless you have someone doing a custom PROM for you, and they want you to run a bigger injector. It really depends on who is tuning your car, they will determine your injector size. But if we were tuning it, we would recommend stock size."

I'm not a mechanic, so I can't vouch/debunk to what's here...I'll leave that up to you folks that have the background and knowledge
Well I got 28's in mine stock reason why I said to go with the MSD is to make sure the fuel does burn off with the multi spark system Its send 3 sparks to your plugs not one hence the Mileage and Performance gain

I really dont care how or what you do this is just a suggestion I found to have working considerably well I was amazed at the gain

Next step for me is the Jet Performance Computer Stage 2 with the 160 degree thermo to complete my system off electronicly

I know lots of guys you do this in other EFI systems such as GMC truck so forth and the gain there witht he chip and MSD together is phenominal.

I had a brand new MSD 6AL here in the box just a few days ago. I had bought it to go along with the complete MSD system I had prepared for the 69 big block. However, the fuel injection system I am running on the big block did not suggest running one and after some research, I was told direct by Edelbrock that due to the lower RPM nature of the big block and the quality of the spark through the Edelbrock ignition amplifier etc, that it was not needed.

Sooooooooo, I took a real close look at the 90 with an eye towards dropping that in there with the engine swap and miniram conversion. I looked and looked for a place that I could live with mounting it, and finally just passed on the idea and returned it to Summit.

You are making me start to wonder if I did the right thing. My buddy that bought my old 85 mounted his MSD under the passenger dash. The 90 dash is much more complex and I did not see an area I desired to install it there.

How did you rewire the tach? I read much install info about having to bypass the tach filter to make it work right on GM products.
When I bought the Car the guy had in a lower end MSD so I simply replaced BUT I did take a look for ya and its mounted under the hood on the Drivers side right where the Diaphram is the for Cruise (just in front of it) and theres a wires harness right there the guy has the MSD wired into so Im not to sure if that has anything to with the Tach or not BUT it does work there so run it by your Mech or Installer
Standing Corrected!

The injectors for 84-89 ( not sure from there up)
Have 1 control line from the ECM, so yes indeedy
they all fire together!

From "How to Tune & Modify Chevrolet Fuel Injection"
~ by Ben Watson:
The ECM controls the energizing of the injectors with transistors or quad drivers. On PFI and TPI applications, the injectors are synchronized to primary ignition and open simultaneously once every crankshaft revolution. At first this may sound a little inefficient or wasteful, but remember that the fuel sprayed on top of each of the intake valves is the correct amount to fuel that cylinder and will merely sit on top of the valve until the valve opens, allowing the air rushing into the cylinder to carry the fuel.

On TBI and CFI, an injector opens every time there is a primary igniton pulse. This means that on a one-injector TBI system, the injector opens every time a spark plug fires. On the two-injector applications, the injectors will alternate so that each injector opens every other time a spark plug fires.

_ken ;)
119.00 for 8

120.00 for a set of 8 injectors? , best price i have seen yet is 56.00 per injector... sounds like a killer deal
Sounds like it may be too good to be true!

Check it out and let us know how it works out, then let us know where we can get 'em!!!

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