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Can the crankshaft pulley start hitting the crossmember?



Damndest thing. Previous owner put a small performance pulley on the crank dampener. I don't like the low volts at stoplights, so I try to put the old 7 3/8ths one in and it hits the crossmember. What the hay?? It looks like I need one about 6 3/4 to 6 7/8ths to not hit and be able to change out the serpentine belt. Can motor mounts weaken and sag that much?! What's the solution?


it is possible for the rubber in the motor mount to deteriorate to the point that the motor drops and the pulley rubs --but very unusual...more common for someone to use a substitute mount from ,for example -- a 67 camaro since that mount costs $9 vs $40 for the vette part (price diff IS justified in this case) and there are dimensional differences enough to lower the engine but not enough to preclude the misuse (altho installing the camaro part is a pita)...visually inspect from below the car and compare to another vette.

or visit your local j-y supply and find a slightly smaller alternator pulley from a different GM line, there are several different 6-groove pulleys used in various applications.

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