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Can you install the engine with the trans in (Muncie)?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Hey guys, quick question here.

Going for the engine install next weekend on the 69. I have already put the trans back in the car with the shifter and console.

With the radiator support removed, no accesories, or exahaust in the way, IS THERE ENOUGH ROOM to install the engine without dropping the trans? I already know this would be no worries if the car was an automatic trans.

I will be putting the engine in with the Lakewood Bellhousing installed.

I assume if this is possible that I would not install the motor mounts until I have lined up and slid the motor over the trans shaft.

Let me know what you think.

BTW, I tried to put the 1990 engine in with the ZF six in place. I was not able to do it. So, I had to drop the trans, install the motor, then slip underneath and shove up the trans. The 69 is much more difficult as the welded in cross member is right in the way.
Not On The 62

Same here, I used the chrome Lakewood scattershield and there's no way it would go in with the trans in. I was lucky enough to do the rebuild and drop in to completion at a friends shop with a lift:) It was easy once the engine was in, put the trans in with the shifter on it and all.

I already put the handle on, the rubber boot, console, and leather boot with trim panel.

Plus, the drive shaft is in, and bolts tight!!!!:r

I was afraid of this. At least keeping the trans in the frame was a good storage location all this time.

However, I am still open to anybody that has pulled it off with the trans in.
Maybe, Maybe Not

With the longer nose on your 69, it may go, I certainly wish you luck. Didn't you already have it painted? If so, you're braver than I am.
Re: Maybe, Maybe Not

Rowdy1 said:
With the longer nose on your 69, it may go, I certainly wish you luck. Didn't you already have it painted? If so, you're braver than I am.

I think my mind is made up. I am going to remove the console, yank the shifter arm, get under the car, pull the drive shaft, then slide th trans up into the cross member (welded in place on the stick shift cars).

I can then just drop the motor in with no extra hassels.

After I get the motor mount bolts in place, just jack the whole car up high, slip underneath and wrestle with pushing the trans up into the flywheel.

Yes, it is already in paint. I went through this whole logistical consideration and figured if I am careful, overall I will have a cleaner job with no overspray on any of the engine or exhause components, plus no greasy hand prints pushed into the primer that would come back to haunt me with the paint applied.
Good Move

I think you'll be happy you did. Again, i might be wrong, but if it were me;)

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