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Can you use 4094M oil synthetic for the 4718M requirement?

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Oct 7, 2004
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Sometimes you come across a synthetic oil that has a GM 4094M approval, would this be OK, just as good for the 4718M requirement? I don't know what the new Vettes require, so do you think it is now 4094M? thanks.


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Mar 25, 2015
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Here's a post from another blog explaining the difference. You make your own decision.
In my '05 Vette I use Mobil 1, 5w30. Why chance it to save a few bucks. Besides Chevy names Mobil 1 in their manuals and on the Filler Cap. IMSA Corvette Racing, most of NASCAR and Indycar use it exclusively. Good enough for me. If you watch for sales and rebates you can find it for $4-5.00 a quart. If you look it up Mobil 1 has a rebate going now. $12.00 back when you buy 5 qts.

GM6094M and GM4718M are two totally different standards. Neither one relates to the other. GM6094M is GM's base oil standard. GM4718M is their hi-performance standard.

The only thing GM6094M deals with is an oil's cold temperature flow ability. It has to flow below a certain rate at a set temperature below 0( F ). That rate depends on what oil weight we are talking about. Both conventional and synthetic oils can meet this standard.

GM4718M however is used in GM's hi-performance vehicles as well as many of their luxury vehicles from Cadillac. This standard deals with an oil's ability to withstand heat and oxidation. Originally developed for the Corvette as the engine bay was too small for an oil cooler and the oil was really put through the mill( heat wise ). The standard specifies the oil must be synthetic so even if a conventional oil could handle the heat tests it still could not be certified to this standard.

Here's a list of both specifications. It's from '09, but should suffice.


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