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I need to jet down my carb... plugs keep fouling. I heard there is a kit available to do this. Is this right? It's a Holley 750 double pumper. The motor is a 350 ci. Trick Flow Twisted Wedge aluminum heads and a .500" lift Comp Cams solid lifter cam. Any help is appreciated.

Look in the Summit or Jegs catalogs, they are also online. When you change the jets decrease or increase by 2, i.e. 48 to 46.... That way you get a better feel for the change. Remove your jets and check the number before you buy. One of the speed shops around here sells individual jets. So it's cheaper than getting a kit with sizes that are higher/lower than what you have.

Thanks KenSny. Will take your advice. Happy Motoring!
Still Rich

Jetted down from 72 to 67 and still runs fat on left side. Bowl is set right. Not fouling plugs, I least I don't think yet. Think I need to find a good Holley Guy. I'll drive for awhile and see what happens. Thanks to all.

Felt real good to get out and drive on this great New York weather day!

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