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Car's leaking

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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
well, picked up the torch red 95 coupe this past Fri....beautiful. Two problems....dry rotted weatherstripping around window and transparent lid. Water's dripping in when I take it for a spin in the rain. Was told it would cost me around $700 to replace the stripping...is this right??!! Hard to believe that a few pieces of rubber can be that much. Secondly, the dealer had some guy dye the leather seats torch red....looked nice, for about the first 2 days, then noticed that my driver's side seat was showing cracks, with a gray color showing through. Was it a poor dye job...the stuff looks more like some kind of paint, rather than a dye. What's up with that ? Appreciate any clarification/advice on either issue. Overall, I'm very pleased with the car.....
Worthey, the weatherstripping can get expensive depending upon how much of it you do replace. I did all of mine last winter except for the rear glass; the figures are in the garage or I could tell you what I spent, I can't remember off-hand right now. I purchased mine through Corvette Central I believe.

Another thing to keep in mind when you were quoted that price ($700) is the labor involved in replacing the weatherstripping. It is not really difficult, just time consuming and, if it's a first-time for you, a lot of patience is required, or you'll be wiping up glue for a long time. ;)

The "paint" they dyed the seats with, I don't know what to tell you. I replaced my seat covers.

congrats on the car. Maybe you can go from newbie to old hat pretty quick.

You have already learned lesson number one (and this will draw some heated replies) ALL CORVETTE's WITH REMOVEABLE TOPS LEAK!

I kid you not. Back in the day I worked for a Chevy dealer doing PDI (pre delivery inspection). I use to test the vettes and camaros with t-tops for leaks. They all did if you tested them hard enough.

Now, before you simply replace the weatherstrip, the window itself can be adjusted and a good glass man will do that for you for much less than 700. What they have to do is get the top of the window to tilt in tighter to the body of the car. This will mash the weather strips together between the top and the windshield frame. Even after you get it adjusted, don't be surprised if it drips a little anyway.

Seems to me I have always brought a towel along with me (especially here in FL where rain is pretty common) and fipped it over the edge of both front seats to catch the drippage in bad weather.

I have heard of Vettes that don't leak, but give it some time and they will.

Finally, changing the weatherstrip is a good do it yourself project. Check the community vendors here and or search the portal and buy yourself some new rubber. If you are not real handy with tools, just plan on taking a long Saturday afternoon to do the swap. It will still cost you 3 or $400 to replace the top and side section yourself. That is why I would try having the glass adjusted first, then soak in some good rubber/plastic conditioner into the existing rubber and see what happens.
Quote: 69MyWay

Now hold on there BABALOOEEE



ken...69....thanks for the feedback and advice. Had a couple of other vette owners in the building tell me the same thing on the leaks...got a removable top, got a leak. Took the seat out last night...found that it's actually a grey seat...and that the guy dyed it red. That's why there's grey showing though where the paint or whatever was used is cracking and peeling. UGH! Will take it to an upholstery shop this weekend to get an opinion on what to do (Me thinks it will be time to replace the seat....)

Another question....when i first start my car up, there's a buzzing sound coming from the front left (driver's side) of the car. Sounds like my Lincoln did when one of the air ride bags had a slow leak. It would leak down whilst the vehicle was parked....air compressor working to put air back into the system was the buzzing sound. Knowing I don't have an air ride suspension (and after hitting a few bumps..wondering if there's any suspension at all on this thing!!), what in the world could be making the noise. It "runs" for about 2 minutes, then it stops....any ideas?:hb
Does the 95 have an electric air injection pump, hmmmmmmmmm, I think it does, and that is what is sounds like.

I will check around to confirm.
69....I understand that there is an electric pump associated with the emissions system....that may be it. Still looking to confirm that.
Air Pump

Yessir, the 95 has an electric air pump located in the L/F
near the radiator.
congrats on the new ride.
for the weather stripping. check with TLD. www.tld-corvette.com so far they seem to have better prices. $650 for a 9-piece kit. which does the roof and pillars. can't remember if that also has the hatchback piece.
just learned from another post Chick responded to what that noise was when I start the car. as 69 said. it's ok. it's the air injection. as long as it shuts up after a few minutes. the other weird noise i had to get used to was the ASR. when you first put the car in drive on an auto the ASR plays with the cabes and it makes a weird sound.
have fun.
Welcome Newbie

Drips, drops and leaks.
Most will leak to varying degrees, very few won't and of the few that don't...most will leak eventually.

I feel that with care and prevention, you can stave this off or greatly reduce existing leaks.

I have been told "Never take the t-tops off if you don't want them to leak". IMO I feel this is bad advice. When you loosen or remove the t-tops, it allows the weatherstripping to breathe and relax, which will give a snugger fit when next installed.

*To begin with, you need to start with weatherstriping that is in good condition. I believe you mentioned dryrot, which will demand replacement. Some of the catalogs offer a 'weatherstrip kit' of all the pieces at a cheaper price than purchasing single pieces. The kit for my 78 was about $300. I also treat the weatherstrip after installation with silicone (dielectric -sp?- gel in a tube)
*I agree with the windshield fit, I have had mine reset (no good) and finally replaced, which helped immensely. Also check the fit of your windows against the weatherstripping and check to see if it is causing uneccesary wear when rolling up and down. (this is where the silicone comes in handy, allowing for a lubricated surface for the window to ride against)

I still carry a towel, but really haven't had to use it since the new weatherstripping and windshield were installed. I used to have a problem with rainwater being forced up under the metal pieces at the top of the windshield at hwy speed and leaking from either end of the interior molding. That appears to have been cured with the windshield reset, and I am driving through worse rain conditions here in GA than I ever experienced on the West coast.

Good luck with chasing down the drips!
Graham/Silver.....thanks for the feedback. Looks like I've got much to learn regarding the idiosyncracies of this car! Best holiday wishes to both of you. WOB
Rabbit...notice you and I have the same ride. How long you had yours....what problems have you had that I might learn from in regards to the car?
Oh it wasn't that bad agreeing with me Len :D

Silver has the idea. Some of that silicon gel, not the spray that will stink up the car. The best stuff I've ever used is Zymol rubber and vinyl treatment. It has no petroleum distilates in it that will eat at the rubber. I pop the top and the hatchback and wipe down all the rubber. Let it soak over night and then wipe it down with a towel to remove the excess. It has no aroma to it either.

Silcone is what is always recommended by the weatherstripping manufacturers, but the stuff Heidi uses is great, or better; it depends on the appropriate use of either one.

_ken :w
I personally don't care for or use Armor All. I like the Zymol but as Ken pointed out what Silver is using is recommended. I just make sure that when I want to do it I keep the top off and the hatch open over night so that the stuff can soak in. Just to make sure it doesn't dry rot and crack. As we are all painfully aware. The replacements are expensive!
Hope you're feeling better Len. I know the root canal had to be more painful than agreeing with me ;)
I got it at Pep Boys but haven't seen it there for a while. You can order direct off their website though. The product is different now than what I have. It's called Zymol Seal. I also use their 2-step leather kit. Cleaner then treatment. Works quite well.
Check out their website at www.zymol.com

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