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CD Changer intallation in Z06?



Has anybody installed a GM OEM style 12 disc CD changer in a 2002 Z06 yet? Is the wiring harness in the car already?
Not certain if I will actually do this or not. But info will be helpful for me to decide on project.
HI there,
Basically, you will have to purchase the changer, and the vehicle wiring harness to the rear mounting point.
Now, the plugs are located under the passenger side toe board, to the right of the fuse/relay center.
You will have to remove some interior components to run the wires. Now, the wiring harness can be installed exactly like the factory harness, so do not be concerned.
The hardest part is mounting the bracket in the rear tub area.
I hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else, c4c5:hb
Thanks for the info. the harness was one of my main concerns, whether it was already in all the vehicles or just the one's that were built with the CD changer. I'm glad you included the location of the plug also, I would have started looking in the center dash or console area. Being where it is will make installation much easier.
A couple more questions, is there a mount or bracket that must be purchased separately, or is it part of the CD changer assy.
Next question, since the CD changer is not a RPO for the Z06, I'm assuming the harness is the same for both the coupe and the convertible so the same harness is used for all applications? Therefore the harness should be the same length for all 2002 C5s?
My next stop will be my local Chevy parts Dept., I hope to be able to tell him everything I will need on the first stop to save time, (not that I'm on flat rate or anything).
BTW, I was a Cert. Master Tech, and Vette specialist from 1970 to 76 for a Chevy dealer in Rhode Island before leaving that field to pursue flying. Didn't get my first one until 1991. Had a 91 Cpe, 93 Z07, now the Z06.
Hope you get into your Vette soon!
Thanks again for the help.
I stopped by my local dealer today, talked with the parts dept. They don't order directly from GM, but from their supplier.
The PN for the CD changer is 12495746, $499.00
The PN for the harness is 12496743, $124.00
She wasn't sure but the harness may be part of an installation kit under that PN.
I thought the price was a bit high, I found the CD PN on-line listed for $349.00. Haven't tried the harness yet.
Do you have a better lead (price) on the CD Changer, and/ or harness?
Hi there,
Just for kicks, attempt www.gmpartsdirect.com
See what they might do for you.
I dont know if they have anything, but it may be a starting point.
Yes, the bracket is included, with the rivets. You will have to supply the adhesive.
I use 2 part epoxy, as this works fine.
All harnesses are the same, no matter which model.
As for the plugs, one is a 4 pin square, and another flat connector.
Let us know how you make out, c4c5:hb
Thanks for that tip about GMpartsdirect, for some reason I had forgotten all about them. The prices with shipping were much less than the quotes from my local dealer. I will probably order everything and wait for the temps to get back into the 60s or 70s before I jump into removing plastic parts. I'll post info on the the finished project when completed.
Thanks again for all your help.

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