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center instrument panel

Dec 15, 2001
Western Australia
'06 STi, '68 Camaro, '58 Cadillac Sixty Special
anyone know where to get new panels made for the gauges for a '76 stingray .. i live in australia and the car is right hand drive.. i need the offset towards the right side.. its currently to the left :p any help appreciated
Are you talking about the panel that holds the speedometer and tach in?

Wow, you might have a real problem getting that replaced. The good news is that it can be recovered. You need to find a good upholstry shop that can peel off the old vinyl, epoxy repair any cracks in the panel, then trim and glue fresh vinyl back on.

Good luck. Please confirm my question as to exactly what panel is bad, and I will do some asking around when getting parts for my car.

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