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Big Fish

Has anyone had any problems with Chinese parts? I got 2 new rear shock/strut mounts, factory spec calls for 75 foot pounds of torque on the retaining "castle" nut. Got up to about 50 pounds and the threads pulled out. The nut went all the way on by hand prior to final tightening. The steel these are made of is nearly as soft as butter, paid 40 dollars each plus shipping. Problem is that none of the suppliers really tell where the parts are made. You catalog order something, and it turns out to be an inferior quality part that is probably worse than the one you are replacing. I have nothing against the Chinese, Japanese, or anyone else for that matter, but doesn't it seem like the suppliers should sell American made parts for the greatest American made sports car?

gary b.

I can only say, return that junk, get your money back & go to a well known parts house. out where i live, we got a G.M. Delco store. Only the best! P.S. , Watch out for bogus parts, look for trademarked names, correct spelling, ect. good luck, gary

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