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Choices, choices !!


Jan 24, 2002
Wang, Germany
1991 red ZR-1
I am looking for my first vette, and I have a line on several cars. I am going to look at a 1991 red ZR1 this weekend, and I just saw an ad for a 1993 yellow ZR1 in the same area. They both have low mileage, and they are both close in price. I really like red, and I am not sure about yellow. Are 1993 generally better cars than the 1991's? Any suggestions/opions would be appreciated.

Just try this: www.zr1.net...

1993 engine is 405 hp and 1991 is "only" 385. If you want performances, try the 1993.
The 1991 style is the same than 1993.

Now, make your choice...:xmas
Good luck on both ZR-1's, they are all great cars. Gaurantee you'll be happy with either one. Even though the '93 has a few more horsepower, some of the early ZR-1's really fly. My '90 keeps right up with my buddies '95.
I would try to buy as new as possible because there were changes made to improve the LT-5 in '93.

Oh hell, just get them both!

But seriously, I think you'd be satisfied with whichever one you decide on. After all, it's a Corvette. Then again, I don't think you'll see too many yellow ZR-1's. Don't yellow sports cars hold better value? For the C5, I think it said that Millenium Yellow was a $600 option. Am I right about that?
After looking in MY garage...

I don't see a ZR-1 there either:cry

But it's definitely near the top of the wish list.
Go with the newest car you can afford (as long as it's a C4) they made improvements every year, not just to the power plants. Check the Corvette Black Book, it lists the improvements by the year. Oh yeah, Yellow is the only col....I mean a nice color.

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