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Cincinnati Corvette auction


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Jan 9, 2007
1961 fawn beige convertible
in late March there will be an auction of a large collection of Corvette parts. I called the friendly chap whose stuff is being sold and he didn't have much before 1963---did say he had a 1956 hardtop-. I suggest checking out www.vanderbrinkauctions.com and look for the auction and the images of the parts. I am sure good stuff won't go cheap, but anything can happen at an auction. If you look for this fellow's phone number on Yahoo people search, I believe it was the last of the 5 names listed. I hope he won't be annoyed that I am passing along this tip, but I am sure he wants a good turnout and if he knows he has a special part you seek-like a folding softtop, etc he will advise you. Still trying to find a donor hardtop out there for stainless parts. He doesn't have one for me (1961) but maybe one will turn up on the forums. good luck. Harland

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