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clear roof repair?

Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Asking this for my bro-in-law... the clear top on his 93 is delaminating something fierce. It's the only top he owns, and he'd like to get it repaired in a timely manner. Anyone know of a reputable place that does this?

Also, will the roof from my 86 fit his 93, or did the mounting points change?


the mounting points are different.
I bought a new top for my 84 and they are specific to groups of years. Check out this website. This is where I bought mine and it was a good deal. With core return the prices start at $450. Call them and you might get a better deal.
He can repair the roof he has , it can be wet sanded. I started with #600 keeping the top wet at all times add a little dawn in a bucket dawn lubricates the paper. Then sand in the oppisite direction with #1000 then #1500, #2000, #2500 always sanding with each grit in the oppisite direction, after sanding buff with a plastic polish . I bought a kit from an airplane supply Co. I think the kit is called Micro-Mesh it comes with polish and some sanpaper. Airplanes canopy's are plastic, after finished you can have it clear coated or wax. I think the name of the co. I bought the Micro mesh from is called Sport pilot they have a web site cost about 25 bucks. Good Luck Jim
The place he is talking about is Sporty's. It is a site for pilots to get supplies and the like. I get all the stuff for my plane there. Sporty's :D
Hand sand , but use an orbital to polish after its sanded,don't forget to alternate directions after each grit , and always keep it wet , you will be happy with the results nice top and money in your pocket.
Scratches & chips

I can vouch for the Micro-Surface finishing kit. Works great on paint and plastic. They have a varity of products for re-finishing. You can find them@
Wilton, IA

Lots a Luck
If your talking about the fine checking on plexiglass you can see from the inside all over the surface, no amount of sanding or polishing will cure them. There actually deep into the inside of the glass, not on the surface. You have to either replace the glass, the roof panel. The sanding, polishing works only on exterior scratches that you can feel with your nails.
targa, thanks.....i'm wanting to get rid some visible/tactile scratches....but, it's also nice to know that I can't get rid of the spiderwebbing...or i may have kept on sanding!!

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