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Clock in 1980 L48



When I bought this car from the original owner - he was very pleased to tell me that the only thing that did not work was the clock. I can't imagine that repairing one would render your car as non-original :)
Is there a replacement clock - or repair kit for this analog
clock....cheap replacement?

Thanks in advance
Yes there is I put one in my 80 about a year ago. It is a kit from Mid-America Corvette parts It took about 4 hours to complete. Also nice car!!! Mine is a mirror image of yours.:J

Hey BANG, My clock in the 1980 doesn't work either. Never has as long as I've had the car.

That's a "one of these days" thing to fix.
I promise you will never run out of things to fix on a Corvette ;)

But when I do fix it, it will be to quartz movement from a kit like Mid America's that john wilson spoke of.

Hey, Nice picture of your car there too! :cool

Thanks for the advise.
I have requested a catalog from Mid America and others. I think I will stick to the analog movement - provided it is still available.

Is there any trick to removing the console and getting to the clock?

Thanks again


Are you sure it is the clock? Mine wasn;t working either , after I check it out it was the printed circuit . Good luck

Bang I have to tell you that if you are going with an o.e.m. then take your clock out and send it to CLOCKS BY ROGER. as for removing your cluster bazel
1) remove (-) battery cable
2) remove center console side covers
3) there are two screws that come up from the bottom of center console into center bazel
4)there are two screws one on each side and two screws in the top one in each side.
5) after all screws are removed gently tip bazel out from the top.
6) the next thing you need to do is unplug your wiring harness from the back you need to squeeze the plug from top to bottom and pull it out straight try not to twist it because the circuit board is made up of very thin copper and they will bend out of shape. Be careful when you put the plug back in that all the copper tabs are straight or you will create a short. GOOD LUCK!! if you have any other questions let me know. JOHN:J
Re: clocks

john wilson said:
. . . as for removing your cluster bazel . . .
5) after all screws are removed gently tip bazel out from the top.

John has this down to a science... follow his directions . . . I will add.... be very careful lifting out the bezel... the map light in the top of the bezel usually has very SHARP edges on it and can/WILL tear the dash pad. I've used a small screw driver to help drop it down as I removed it. The map light is about a $5-$8 light bulb........... it has a magnifier lense :r

Good Luck ;)

clock rebuilding 101

send it to Corvette Clocks by Rodger.@ 901 664 6120 he also will resilkscreen thegauge face does great work!

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