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clutch adjustment



I recently acquired a 65 coupe, 327/300hp. At times, I have problems shifting into reverse. The clutch pedal rod at the swivel is at maximum adjustment. As the engine and transmisson were recently rebuilt, could I have the wrong throw out bearing. Or could it be something else I'm over looking.
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It does sound like the clutch is dragging. I'm just leaving for work and don't have time to look it up but they used a long and a short throw out bearing. If you have the short It might not be releasing the clutch far enough.

I'll look more later. Maybe someone else has an opinion.

It could depend on which clutch is installed - correct application Corvette replacement clutches use the short (1-1/4") throwout bearing, not the long (1-3/4") bearing used in passenger cars. Could be a clutch with incorrect height on the fingers, could be worn or missing plastic seats for the cross-shaft ball studs at the engine side or frame side, could be a badly worn clutch fork ball stud in the bellhousing. All of this assumes that the clutch linkage (including the cross shaft) is correct; hard to diagnose by long-distance, but your lower pushrod (to the clutch fork) should have a flat with a hole in it at the fork end which fits inbetween the ears on the fork with a steel pin through it, and a 90-degree bend facing inboard at the cross-shaft end, retained by a "pretzel clip".

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