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Code 33, 43, 22, 51



Well this all started with the install of a missing sunvisor. My 85 came used without one and I found a replacement on Ebay that had the mirror and lights versus the map strap. In the process of installing the visor and related wire, the car went nuts. It would not run, gave up all sorts of codes. I did the usual, removed the fuse, even removed battery cable to no avail. I got so angry I just put her in the garage and started looking for a new/used MAF. No matter what I tried I could not get it to run right or get rid of the code 33. I did get the rest to disappear.Finally I found a used MAF for 65.00 and it is on the way.So in the mean time I tried to figure out why I lost power to the visors...I checked all the appropriate fuses and could not find anything wrong. So I figured it was the luck of the draw, the MAF just went bad. Then I go to start it and turn the lights on and the darn buzzer bout drove me nuts. The car was falling apart in front of my eyes. Instead of dropping a match inside and walking away.... I pulled out every fuse and put them on the meter. Just so happens the one for the instruments , a 10 amp, looked good but was bad. replaced it and all the codes went away, the buzzer quite making noise and it runs great again.


Now arent you glad you didn't drop the match in!!!! Some times it's better just to walk away for awile, cool down (have a beer) and come back to the problem later.

Glad you got it figured out, I hate electrical problems:bash



Actually I took a handfull of Prozac and washed it down with an old bottle of 90 proof Jack Danials. Not sure if it made the car run better, but at that point I did not mind...:J :J :J :z :z :z

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