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Code 44



My vette has been givin' me code 44 for the longest. It would come on on 3 different occasions.

#1. In idle speed once it reaches 150-170 F, the fans turn on. Now, the fans aren't supposed to come on until 190 F (hypertech chip), once they do this the engine light comes on and stay on.

#2. While cruisin' on the freeweay with the cruise control on also the light comes on

#3. While driving, if I rev the engine up sometimes it come on too.

This is the funny part of all this...at times if the light is on and I hit a bump on the street then, the light comes off.

Any ideas here
Thank you:confused


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Dec 19, 2001
sonoma ca usa
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Code 44 relates to your left front heated oxygen sensor. From what you describe it sounds like a loose connection somewhere in the circuit.


I recently had a Code 44 (lean exhaust) on my 1986 Coupe. Since I had already replaced the O2 Sensor about a year before, I figured I had better look elsewhere. Sure enough, I found some vacuum tubing that was part of the connections for the AIR system at the very front of the engine, that had been accidently broken-off by my mechanic, when he had replaced my rack-and-pinion a week or so before. Repaired the vacuum lines and the AIR system was back in service again (and the Code 44 was gone). My point is, it can sometimes be anything that upsets the air/fuel mixture and ignition process, which can then trigger a code like this. Just a thought to share; I wish you luck in your search for the cause.


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