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Column Lock Service Bulletin

This is great - but I own a 97... What about the 97's????
Thanks Rob,

I printed the bullentin and gave it to Larry so he can check to see if our Pace Car is within those numbers.:W:
Consider this, please

Hi there,
As far as this Recall goes, it very well could be a tiered recall, where as some VINs are there now, there could be more released at a further time.
Although, NOone knows for sure, I believe that you will be seeing further VINs.
Best to all, c4c5
Thanks C4C5Specialist,
I'll try to keep my eye out in case ours isn't on the current list.:W:
I have a 1997 and just had it towed in today! At this point the GM Customer Assistance is telling me that my corvette is not covered!!
Recall update, so please read CAREFULLY

After my recent trip to Carlisle, I have been authorized to release the following.
I have been told, that the recall will NOT be expanded. The reasons are the following.
Due to design differences, before, and after the VIN breakpoints listed in the recall, they are different in design. So they are NOT the same, although, most will tell you that.
GM is also releasing new repair instructions for column lock issues in an upcoming service bulletin, to assist in the diagnosis and repair.
Best to all, c4c5
thanks man...hope you got home safe...:)

you really are everywhere :D

Thanks, I am being told the same thing by my Dealer. Interesting, different design but same problem. I understand GM has eliminated the steering column lock in the 2001's?
Has anyone else had the same problem with the 97's??

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