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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed
Hi, nice sunny day so was able to get the car out for a run around.

The brakes are now fixed and the warning light is out, I obviously just was`nt using enough force on the pedal to release the valve the last time I tried.
I also messed around with the timing and as you suggested replaced one of the springs in the advance mechanism with a heavier spring. I have ended up with just short of 20`btdc at idle and I set up the mixture using a proper vacum gauge. It seems a lot of initial timing but the engine is much smoother and pulls from about 1500rpm no problem.

Thanks for the help
On the old engine which had just over 200rwhp(204hp on one dyno) my best time was 14.73@94.56 and the best 60` time was 1.776 I was going thru the lights in third with the tacho showing about 6,700rpm I did try changing up to forth a couple of times to keep the rpm`s a bit lower but that was a few tenth`s slower.

It will be interesting to find out what the new engine will do. I would like to think it can get me into 13 second quarters. Unfortunately I will have to wait untill springtime to find out. I know a guy that has one of these computers which gives 1/4 mile times that I might be able to borrow but I don`t know how accurate it is.

I phoned Jegg`s yesterday and they have the parts I want in stock so in the newyear I will order from them.


I will require your comments shortly, I hate to have a car which is not 100% so I ordered the calibration kit for the carb from Jeg`s today. I also ordered a set of new ignition wires with heat shield around the boots. The straight plug heads have the sparkplugs very close to the headers, when I initially fired it up I burnt two wires and had to use a couple from an old 8mm set. If this lot does`nt get me into running 13`s I`ll be seriously p**** off.


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