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COMPCAMS 260/268 cams



Is there a very noticeable difference between the 260 and the 268 cams? I'm just looking for a little more hp. Also with the 268 do you have to pull the heads and put new valve springs on? Engine is very low miles.
cam manufacturer will be able to tell you more what difference to expect between the 2 with your combo. Your springs should be fine with either of those cams.

Yes thier is a noticeable difference between the cams. Try looking into Comps Extreme energy cams. I'm running the EX262 cam and it is great for me engine. If you get the K-kit with the cam it comes with new springs, lifters, and other hardware. I have been told as a rule of thumb when you replace cams it always a good idea to do the springs and liters too.
Its always better to replace the springs, retainers keepers etc as well as going ahead and installing screw in studs. But ive built many a SBC with the 280 duration comp cam. Only one of them had any problems and he was pulling studs out. Another consideration if your worried about the springs is shim them to increase the pressure. Additional spring pressure for that cam over stock is minimal.
you can increase the pressure with the shims too. I never said it was the "proper" way to do it :)
comp cams

I put a COMP XR282HR in my sb.I also put EDELBROCK aluminum heads geared to this cam per comp with double springs.Works great.
call COMP CAMS at 1-800-999-0853.:TALK
Hey garin i just bought some old Dart heads for a song and i am thinking of putting that cam in when i put them on. I was thinking of going with the new edelbrock performer airgap intake. Anybody tried one of those on a SBC yet? Its supposed to be an increase in HP over the standard performer while not sacrificing lowend torque.
re:comp cams

I am using an Edelbrock dual plane performer intake and Edelbrock 1404 carb.:cry (carb is too small,will upgrade to 1407:) )
I have some friends using the airgap with success but you need more clearance as the intake is higher than normal:eek
Had a 268 in a Camaro years ago. Lost a little bottom end with it
otherwise it was good. If you want good bottom end recomend the 260!Shouldn't have to pull heads or anything with the springs!


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