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Convertible Z06

NO. Hill has indicated that the Z06 will be a fixed roof, but he has not indicated if it will be a fast back or a notch back.
FASTBACK........... yeah!!:m
Everything I have been able to read indicates that the C5 and C6 body styles are close enough that the stiffness of the fixed roof coupe (FRC) or hard top design is favored for the C6 Z06. The Z06 option may not materialize until 2006 though.:)
I hope its a fastback as some have stated. That way, I guess I can hit the aftermarket guys and have it turned into a coupe, because frankly fo that little extra stiffness you get in the FRC body, I could care less. I am not competing.
I'm sure that if they would've stuck the LS6 and it's exhaust in the convertibles, people would've bought them. It's performance numbers probably would not have been as spectacular as the coupes, but it'd be plenty fast enough.
Yes, there will be a 2006 C6 Convertible / Roadster Z06

Z06 Enthusiasts,

Yes, you will be able to get a 2006 C6 Convertible / Roadster Z06 from John Cafaro at www.skunkwerkes.net.

John has already built several C5 Z06 Spyder's (convertible / roadsters). You can see them all at www.skunkwerkes.net.

Check them out and let me know what you think of them.

Those Vert ZO6's look good. Talk about having the best of both worlds.
C6 Z06 Corvette

The C6 Z06 Corvette is going to be a fixed roof coupe just like the C5 and its been rumored that it will hit 550hp by production sometime in 2006. But the man heading this whole thing said it will be well worth the wait.
a convertible Z06 in this new generation

According to Dick Guldstrand, "No".
Convertible C6 Z06 Spyders


Well, I guess Dick Guldstrand has not visited the Skunk Werkes website at www.skunkwerkes.net, where John Cafaro, the Chief Designer for the C5, the most successful Corvette ever built, has already built several C5 Z06 Spyders or convertibles and plans on building several C6 Z06 Spyders as well.

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