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Copper Gasket



Hi all , I'm getting ready to install hooker headers and I have copper exhaust gaskets, one side of the gasket has a ridge line and the other side has a indentation line, I was wondering if any one can tell me what side goes against the engine, the ridged side or the indented side.
Also I was wondering what type of hardware do I need to hang the side pipes nothing came with them.

Thanks in advance.
DON'T USE THEM! I tried the copper gaskets with my sidepipes too, they will not seal unless your flanges are shaved totally smooth. When I put mine on and started the car it sounded terrible, multiple exhaust leaks...it was bad! If you must use them make sure you have the flanges on the headers very flat. If you don't want to bother with that then get a good pair of Fel-Pro gaskets with the metal inserts, mine have been on for 2 years so far. Sorry to bring bad news!
I used Earl's Pressure seals on my Hookers with no leaks. They are a thick composition seal with an aluminum frame. Hooker headers are designed to work with thick gaskets. A thin gasket will not allow the header to seal at the port.
Whatever you use, remember to check the torque on the bolts or studs after each heating and cooling cycle for a couple of days.
Thanks for the heads up on the copper gaskits, I'll try one of the other gaskets that you guys mentioned. That's what I like about this forum, someone has always "done that" and it either worked or it didn't and you can learn from that. Hopefully someday I will have enought "done that" under my belt and I can share what I've learned, until then I'll have to keep asking.
I am still not sure how to attach the side pipes to the car, I see that theres two slots in the frame, is there some special type of bolts needed or just the hardware store variety.
Thanks again for the advice.
77l130, give these a try T.D. locking Hedder bolts,part#8836,for sb. Give them a call@(562)921-0404 or 1-800-843-7836 tech line.Also dont forget about the Permatex anti-seize,part#133k,to be used on the bolts. ENJOY,RUMBLE RUMBLE:cool :beer
I have heard that Hooker will sell the hardware kit for something in the range of 25.00. They do not list the hardware seperatly, you have to e-mail them. I went to the hardware store and got the stuff I needed before I found out about the kits being available. T-bolts are what you need. My pipes are mounted solid. I'd really like to see the Hooker mounts, or any flexiable mount that is being used.
The sidepipes mount in 2 slots on each side of the car. The slots are BEHIND the rocker panels. I thought that the bottom slot was used. My pipes had been mounted that way by the previous owner. When you see the slots under the rockers you will see that the rear slot is further aft of the bottom slot. Want to guess how long I tried to get the pipe far enough in to the header to fit the bottom slot?

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