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Help!! Can anyone help me find out when my car was built. My Vin number is 1G1YY22G225112234. Thanks Barry :confused
I'm not sure about this, but check the inside of the driver's door and see if there is a sticker there. There may be a build date on a sticker that the factory places on the inside of the door (not interior part of the door, but the door jam part. The sticker I'm referring to lists the gross vehicle weight, tire pressures, etc. It might be a clue. The Vin will only give you a production number (last 5 or 6 digits) but not the build date.
For coupes, you can open your back hatch and lift the left compartment cover. Your Job Number will be there on a sticker. The number will preceded by SEQ NBR; i.e., SEQ NBR 6063 equates to job number 6063. Don't know where they put the sticker on FRCs. If you find it, yours should be higher than 12827 and lower than 12986 (judging from your VIN) which indicates October 29.

Hope this helps.
Great! Thanks for the help Jim and Rob. Barry:_rock
birthday calculator

Help!! Can anyone help me find out when my car was built
if you tp tp ncrs-wi they have a calculator for most years.
just enter the last 5 of the vin and the year it will pick the most accurate date factoring in weekends, strikes and holidays.
my email is pipefighter342@yahoo.com if you cannot find the site i will email it to youself.status = "Welcome to the NCRS - Wisconsin Chapter Website"
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[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The Birthday Calculator now works for Corvettes 53-68 and 74-82. [/font]

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[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Please enter the last 5 digits of your VIN number and select the model year of your Corvette (53-56 owners please remember to use only the last 4 digits and subtract 1000 to get the actual production number). When you have finished, press the submit button and the approximate build day of your Corvette will appear. The calculator is sorting through a great deal of information and may take as much as 60 seconds to return a build date. The build date is calculated on a 5 day work week and excludes holidays and strike days. Since the number of cars built per day can vary, the date shown may not be the EXACT build date of the car. It is as accurate as it can be given the build information presently available. If you find a discrepancy, or experience errors, please contact thevar name = "webmaster_ncrs_wi"var place = "yahoo.com"var nameToShow = "Site Administrator"document.write('')document.write( nameToShow + "") Site Administrator so we can increase accuracy.[/font]

var name = "webmaster_ncrs_wi"var place = "yahoo.com"var nameToShow = "Site Administrator"document.write('')document.write( nameToShow + "")Site Administrator
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