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Help! Corvette C4 1st design targa top locator cone studs - removal



I have an early 86 Corvette with a 1st design fiberglass targa top. I managed to obtain a 96 transparent top that is a 3rd series.
I replaced the mounting brackets, the mounting bracket covers and removed and transferred the visors. I also drilled two 1/2" holes on the internal upper windshield trim to access the new positions for attaching the targa top. I also capped the old holes to make the trim look nice. I fitted the transparent roof and it fitted perfectly.

I also managed to obtain a folding canvas and plastic top made by Eckler's Corvette. This top is made such that it fits all the series brackets. It comes with 3 mounting holes on either side. No problems here.

Now I am left with a fiberglass targa top with a 1st series attachment system. I do not want to remove and replace the mounting brackets and go through the whole rigmarole to attach the fiberglass top.

Hence I want to remove the studs that the locator cones screw on to, that are found on the C4 1st design targa top roof so I can attach C4 3rd design roof panel front mount plates.


The other alternative is a like for like swop with someone who wants a 1st design fiberglass top and has a 3rd design one!!! I live in Minnesota and would be willing to wait and try a swop before I begin to start jerryrigging my targa top. I am not willing to ship, so it must be within 150 miles of Minneapolis.

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