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Corvette Maintenance Day


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Jan 28, 2002
Groton, CT. USA
1964 White Roadster
Today was the day to fix all the annoying stuff on the 64 that I've been putting off for the last couple of months.
Started with my timing problem... Easy fix. Turned out that the bushing for the mechanical advance had worked it's way almost off the pin it's pressed onto allowing the mechanical advance plate to go way too far. Pushed it back on and added a touch of Permatex so it won't run off again. Retimed to initial 8* and she runs like new.
Next was the wiper motor. It would shut itself off after about 2 minutes of run time, and then start up again after about 3 minutes. Inside the motor housing is a temperature sensing switch which opens and cuts power to the motor when it gets too hot. Readjusted the switch for the proper tension (it was real loose), cleaned its contacts, cleaned and relubed everything in the motor and wiper transmission and cleaned the area where the brushes run on the motor. Now the wipers run as long as I want or need.
On to the clutch.. I did a clutch adjustment using ST-21 and while I was reading, I found an adjustment that shortens the clutch pedal travel. Was an easy task and WOW, what a difference! For those who want to check it out, it is on page 6R-3 under the title of "Pedal repositioning adjustment." Read it carefully where it instructs you to remove the pedal push rod and rotate it 180*. If you don't do that, the push rod binds up in the firewall. Now my knee doesn't hit the steering wheel when I let off the clutch. Makes for a little quicker power shifting also.
I was going to replace the water pump to see if it was the source of my high speed coolant temp problem, but when I got the pump home, I discovered that it had one of those "universal" flanges on the front where the pulleys and fan bolt up to. It was too big in diameter to fit inside my stock pulley so that will have to wait for another day. Good thing I checked it all out before I removed the old one 'cause the parts store was closed by that time.
Finally, I've been wanting to locate the source of a few water leaks under the dash. Turns out that the windshield gasket is completely dry rotted and it leaks everywhere. With the glove box removed, I was able to see the inside edge of the rubber just forward and above the defroster duct and saw the water coming through. Well, at least I know what the problem is, now I just have to find someone in Connecticut that can replace the rubber without buggering up the trim or windshield. Anyone know a good place up here?
All in all, a fun day of tinkering with mostly positive results. Now if I could ever get that darn garage built before winter.....


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Apr 12, 2001
New England
2010 CRMT Grand Sport Coupe
Subfixer said:
Now if I could ever get that darn garage built before winter.....

Better get crackin, Paul:D, I can't believe it's Labor Day weekend already.


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