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Thought I would give everyone a "Heads Up" on quite a few items Mid America Motorworks is listing On Sale in our e-Bay Store. We are doing a pre-inventory clean-up and have a number of single items and small quantities of discontinued items at great prices. We will be loading more every day as we discover them. Once they are gone, they are gone, so keep an eye on them.


Here is the link to help you.

I am currently working on replacement seat belt sets with shoulder harnesses for 1968-73 Corvettes. These are excellent quality replacements for street cars and should be around $299 for a car set.

Just a little info from the "inside".

Mid America Motorworks

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Oct 11, 2003
Norwalk, Ohio
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Steve, if I could make a suggestion about the Ebay store. The site would be much more friendly if it was possible to not only sort the products by Corvette and VW, that is a good thing. But to be able to also specify C1 vs C2 vs C3, other sites that I have been on break the products down like that. I gave up looking at the whole list because I had to look at everything and all I was after was C1 or C2 stuff.

Just my 2 cents....

regards, Herb

ps...I did look for some C5 stuff and actually bought a couple of items....but only cause it was on the first page, I gave up after that.....

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