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Corvette shop in Northern VA??

Mar 26, 2002
Midlothian, VA
1981 white/blue interior automatic
I just found out that my trusted Vette mechanic retired, anyone have any recommendations in the Northern VA area? I live in the Mount Vernon area, the closer the better.

PLEASE DONT TAKE OFFENSE TO THIS, Im not trying to be a smarta--. Any GOOD shop can work on a vette as well as they can work on a YUGO!!!! A GOOD SHOP is a GOOD SHOP!!!!!!! I sometimes get the impression that a vette is off somewhere by itself. A good tech just knows when they should not attempt to do a job they are not capeable of doing. Thats one of the things that makes them a good tech. Corvette has a few things that are diff. from other cars but, they are not that tough!!!!I really hope you are lucky enough to find a GOOD SHOP !!!!!!!!!:w
No offense taken, that is exactly what I am looking for, a really good mechanic that will treat my car well. My previous mechanic did all cars, but was known for Corvette work because he knew what he was doing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated for really good local shops that does not have any reservations about working on Corvettes (that I have found a lot to have).

best around is Tony's Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, MD
22229stingray81 said:
I just found out that my trusted Vette mechanic retired, anyone have any recommendations in the Northern VA area? I live in the Mount Vernon area, the closer the better.

I see in your profile, your Vette is an 81. A Friend of mine has used "D.A.M. Garage" behind Smitty's lumber on RT 1 just North of Ft. Belvoir.
The Owner / Mechanic is Dave Mann (hence the initials D.A.M. ;) )and he owns a ZR1 & is a longtime member of Aquia Creek Corvette Club locally.
My friend has taken his 1980 Vette there, and maybe his 88 as well - Hope this helps :beer
Bad news 89X2, that was my vette mechanic, he just retired out of the blue!!! Tried to call him, no answer, went over there, now its an industrial repair shop!! My family has been going to him since the mid 80's, and all of a sudden poof! He did great great work, and he was so close to home. Pass the info on to your friend, apparently he didn't tell many people.

C5vetter- I have heard a lot about Tony's but it is quite a ways away, need something more local for immediate repairs. Do you happen to know if Tony's paints Corvettes though?


P.S.- That wasn't only a ZR1, but a '93 anniversary ZR1, only like 240 were made, and it was like new, he scored a 98 out of possible 100 on judging, and the only reason he didn't get higher was because some kid dropped a coke next to it and got on the wheel of the vette... he wasn't allowed to clean it up.
everything is realtive - in today's world Alexandria is not far from Gaithersburg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI - Tony used to do all his own paintwork, but folks were always rushing him and so he "contracts" all paint jobs out now - most of his work he refers to Mike's in Thurmont
Thanks for the link Rob! I wasn't aware of a shop directory as part of the CAC. C5vetter- Thanks again for the recommendation, you are right, it is not that far, still I would like something closer that I can limp to for immediate repairs, know what I mean? The search continues I suppose.. though I am armed with a little more information now.


Got David Mann's cell number and gave him a call, turns out for no reason he was kicked out of that building after 29 years. He's opening a new shop and making it exclusivly Corvette restoration/repair. He's sending out a letter to all his clients explaining everything, new shop will be in a Spotsylvania County location, though he says it really isn't that far from his old place.

In the mean time he gave me a number of a buddy of his that he says is very honest, name is Mac McDonald of A&M Auto Repair, anyone have any experience with them? Thanks for any replys.


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