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GM Press Release: Corvette Stingray: 3.8 seconds from 0 to 60 mph

Hib Halverson

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Jan 10, 2001
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What Dave is stating here is a very good point. GM in the past has overstated performance numbers a time or two. Lets remember, they are in the business of selling cars.

"CallawayVette" please cite some recent cases where GM was proven to have falsified performance numbers.



"From my personal point of view, I think this car is over priced for what you get. But then I am not in the business of selling cars like GM. The Corvette is slowly moving toward pricing itself
out of the market that the current average buyer can afford. Hope this day does not come but if it does, GM can only blame itself!"

Are you serious with this? Entry level is $52,000. With Z51 and mag shocks, it's ~$56,500 (without dual mode exhaust that only adds 5 hp). So, for around $57grand, you can rip off a 2:52 at VIR. Get the rest of the performance data from last week's data dump. How is this not a performance and overall sports car bargain? Oh wait... the Porsche Cayman is a real bargain at $53,000 with 275 hp and, yeah, 215 ft.lbs torque. Or maybe an entry level 911 with 350 hp, ~325 ft.lbs torque at $85,000. I guess for real giveaways, you'd have to go to Ferrari and start at ~$250,000! Whoops... forgot the value-leader Viper at ~$100,000 and Nissan GT at ~$105,000... more performance from those two for sure, as long as you can keep your teeth from rattling out of your skull in your EVERY DAY driving.
I'm having a really hard time understanding how anyone doesn't get the sports car value with this new Vette... as if the C6 wasn't enough already... you know, the one that smokes Lamborghini's regularly.
If you're talking about the affordability of cars in general, you might want to refer to the condition of the economy, but I don't see the hold-up. There seems to be brand new gas-swilling 4-door, 4x4 trucks in every mother's driveway these days.


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Feb 25, 2002
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I just have a hard time seeing this car getting below 4.0sec. 0-60 when you have to shift, the Z06 and ZR1 do not have to shift.
What Dave is stating here is a very good point. GM in the past has overstated performance numbers a time or two. As I understand, this new car will come thru the door over 70G's hitting 75g's or higher. The performance numbers provided by GM for this price vehicle seem a little pricey. The word is GM has pushed this cars performance to the viable limits. It will be sometime before any after market performance group comes up with any kits for this car.

Car and Driver recently tested a pre-production model. They drove a 3.9s 0-60.
Base price: $52,000
As Tested (in the article): $66,385
...but all you need is base + $4595 (for Z51 & Magnetic Ride Control) = $58,000

Both Callaway and Hennessey have already displayed some plans they have for their respective C7 performance upgrade packages. I'm sure Lingenfelter and Mallet will also be boarding that train shortly, if not already on it.

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