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Courtesy Lamps Wiring Diagram 1985 Corvette


New member
May 21, 2017
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
1985 Light Bronze/Dark Bronze
Hello there all, I'm new to the forum,
I have a 1985 Corvette that i purchased approximately 2 years ago. I have done some work on it like seals and new sensors.
Recently the drivers side headlight shorted out and was opening and closing on its own and i had to replace the large gear in the motor.
I also put in two new power door lock switches on the door panels and fixed the wiring on the two door courtesy lights.(Soldering)
The car was fine for the last two weeks but now i took it out today and found that the radio wasn't working all of a sudden and
the door lock switches weren't working so i checked the ctsy fuse and found it was blown. (of course i tried another one and it too blew)
Is there any chance someone there could help me get the wiring diagram for the courtesy lamps so that i may try this weekend to find the short in
the system wiring? I believe the diagram is 8A-53 in the manual.
Thank you all

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