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Cracks in Leather Seats 1984-1996


Louis Bartay

I have a 1996 LT4 Coupe with Light Beige Leather seats. After 50,000 miles of wear the drivers seat has cracks in the bottom (not all the way through) and you can see black lines were the dye has rubbed off. I used PROFESSIONAL FINISH SYSTEMS leather aid color resorer www.leatheraid.com 1-605-575-2677 and it looks GREAT. I cut a small strip of leather from the underside of the seat and Todd at Leather Aid, custom color matched two bottles of dye. I followed the instructions and waited for it to dry (12 hours) and it MATCHES GREAT. I had emailed the owner (Todd) several times and I was worried that it would not match so he sent me TWO Jars of the restorer and used the special brush BEFORE I paid him. When I first applied it on WET it did not LOOK the same color shade, but I hung in there and did all of the front seat and it MATCHES the back of the seat PERFECT, I was shocked to say the least as when it was wet I was freaking out. You C4 owners know what I mean when I say my drivers seat has a lot of cracks(unless you do not drive it) This product REALLY works.
Best Regards to Todd at Professional Finish Systems for two 4 oz. jars of Leather aid restorer, special brush and pad and a free sample of Black for $32.00 including U.P.S. what a deal.
Louis Bartay

I have to ask the same question. did you dye your seats black or stay the original color? On my 88 i have the dual power sport seats. i removed both seats from the car to do cleaning and minor mechanical work. When i re-installed them I switched them around; driver seat went to passanger side and etc. This way I cut down on wear and tear both on the leather and mechanical parts. Just a suggestion.

Cracked Seats

The seats are the same color. I had to wait for them to color match the Light Beige from a piece of leather that I cut from under the bottom of the seat and mailed the leather piece to them. I was worried about matching the color and if it would look TACKY or cheap as I have waited for many years for my first Vette (married with children). You can still see the cracks in the leather but they are Beige now and as you know a new set of leather seat covers are VERY expensive. I cleaned the seat several times before I applied the Resorer with the brush. The driver seat is the only one I have done and the only difference between the passerger side is that the Restorer has a slight glossy look compaired to the 6 year old passerger side that is in perfect shape as no one has hardly ever sat in it. My best friend owned the Vette before me and he was single.And it was in the garage and he only drove it on the week ends. I have put 30,000 miles on it in two years (LT4) and played with every Mustang and Camaro that I drive by. Best $30.00 I have ever spent for such good results.
Louis Bartay
unfortunately, my seats are torch red...and, according to his website, he can only do brown, black and blue. :(

The dealer i bought the car from had used some kind of leather paint that looked great for about 2 days before it started cracking and flaking. He and I have had a running gun battle over the past 5 weeks on getting this fixed.

I live in San Antonio and bought the car in Dallas...mistake! I've sent the seats back to him once...he kept them for 3 weeks and sent them back with the same paint on them!! Looks good for a day or two and then started cracking again. He's now refusing to do any more...saying that it's costing him too much! Looks like I'm going to have to get a lawyer if I'm going to get this resolved.
Were the cracks you had down to the bare leather? Did this project fill them in or just color the cracks. I have some cracks on my seat bolsters that i want to fix if i can.
montana....no, the cracks are cracks in the "paint" which on the driver's seat is real bad because, as I found out, that seat is actually a gray leather that the dealer had painted red..so, when the red paint cracks, there's the shiny gray leather coming through...real ugly. The passenger seat is acutally red leather, so when the new paint cracks, its the original leather seat showing thru. Even more frustrating, is that the paint''s flecking off in small pieces, which is then getting all over clothes, the black part of my interior...etc.
This sounds like an interesting product. Can you now clean and condition the leather seats as usual. Or are there restrictions or special products for this?

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