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Dash Pad replacement


Feb 22, 2002
Austin, Texas
1958FI Signet Red
In the process of trying to install a new dash pad in my 58. I picked up the car mid restoration so I did not have the pleasure of being part of the disassembly process. Can anyone offer any advice on this process and or do you know of a good written document on the steps. I have also heard that there is a video floating around showing step by step procedures. My main concerns are as follows:
How much adhesive to use (and where).
What portions of the foam can/should be scrapped away?
Do I trim the excess material around the windshield so that the weather stripping covers the gap or do I tuck it under the windshield frame? (The excess material on my pad is curled up and is pretty tight, seems like it'll rip if I try to bend it down) see pic.
Is there a concern when installing the gauge cluster or the dash insert/grab bar?

New to the forum… Thank you in advance for your help.
Dash pad


Welcome to the Corvette Action Center.

Sorry it took so long to answer you but I couldn't access the site I was looking for for some reason. Go to Al Knock Interiors and then to the Online Catalog. In the drop down search menu you will find "Professional Installation Services". In that area you will see a "Dash Pad Installation Video". I am told that this is a must have to do a proper installation. If I had one I would loan it to you. After you do yours I'm sure you would have no problem selling the video to recover the cost.



p.s. I may find something to email you today also.
Thanks for the welcome message.
I actually picked up the video from Al Knoch this past weekend in Houston. I also received a lot of good advice from others at the show. I had almost forgotten how helpful everyone is in the Corvette world. It's been over 15 years since I did the treks to Bloomington with my father to gather parts and advice for his 59 restoration. I just purchased the 58 at the beginning of this year. The paint and motor are complete but everything else is in boxes. I have a long road in front of me so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again and again. Hopefully I'll be gaining a lot of experience over the next few months that will allow me to contribute answers and advice and not just ask questions.

Thanks again.
Good luck on your restoration and we would like to see some pictures as it progresses.

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