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Dead battery again

Rat Race

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Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
Was all set to go out on Tues. nite when I notice no security light flashing, I knew that meant one thing, and I was right.

Man was I pi**ed.

I just shook my head didnt want to call roadside cause I had to leave, so took my other car and called them in morning.

These dealers are clueless. I spoke to my salesman and he said all he does is charge batterys on his in stock vettes. He actually recomended that I "slow charge my battery when I put my car to sleep at nite!! My brain was doing cartwheels!

I got the usual, we checked it out and the batterys good and theres no drains. Uh right.

Of course I wont even mention the first line corporate question- Comn, you can all join in here...ready? ' '' DID YOU SHIFT IT IN REVERSE????

What dolts. They get DSB's on this problem and act like they havent got a clue. I told the one condecending guy, " What the hell ya actin all bewildered for, your manager says you get this all the time"

I know if the original owner of this once big time Corvette dealer was still around, he would shake some corporate gel matter and get this resolved.

To top it off they got some kind of swirl marks in my clearcoat on my decklid. I keep my car better than showroom and you couldnt see it outside but when I got it under my garage lights it was clearly visible.

I took pics and complained to the Service manager he said he didnt know how that would happen, I said shop rags are rough and it looks like someone leaned on one , or something looked like it was rubbed off . Like grease maybe. it wasnt there when roadside took it and I said I want it fixed.

He said bring it back in, but im thinkin I dont want them touching it, Ill try buffing it out myself. Its not a scratch but definatly some kind of abrasion.

Are there any respectful dealers out there?


Technical Advisor
May 29, 2001
New Haven, Ct. USA
Nope, but someday.
HI there,
You are not noting what year your car is, but if it is an 05, then there is an updated PCM reprogram for this condition, as there have been cases where the PCM turns on and off periodically creating a 1 amp draw.
As for TSBs, there are preliminary documents and 1 TSB for engaging reverse to make sure of it.
Allthebest, c4c5:bang


...that was the problem I had until I had enough patience to let the dealer go through each potential cause. PCM replacement made, and zero problems since....

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