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Dead battery

George H. Williams III

Gone but not forgotten
Mar 7, 2001
Baltimore, Maryland
1994 Polo Green Convertable
Batery dead and will not jump.
Questions:1.How to pop rear storage lid for convertable top.
2. Instructions for removal of fender to replace old battery.
Whump here it is!

1) the fender side panel needs to be removed. there are 3 torx screws on the lower 1/2 of the fender There is 1 10mm bolt at the top rear of the side panel next to the door and one 10 mm hiding under the side panel between the skirt ( lowermost body piece) and the panel your trying to remove.

this gets the panel out

2)13mm battery tray lock down bolt at rear base of the battery
3) the 2 battery connections.

Convertible top release
1) replace battery
2) there is a lever between the two seats( on the bottom of the deck lid) pull lever twds drivers seat this releases the top rear catches. Fold rear of top up to 12 0'clock position.
3) using switch on drivers door rearmost middle back, depress switch and you should hear a click by the rear deck, this releases the rear deck catch and it SHOULD lift up.

88 Convertable
Thanks Vig for the info. I had to pull it down in a parking garage with a flashlight. The little darlings never act up in your well lit garage. I did find that the battery turned out to be ok. the positive terminal (which is the hardest to get to was oxidized) cleaned it with a small nail and the falshligh and she started right up. I believe she smirked at me when in started !!! Also about the top; when the battery is "off" there is no way I know to pop the rear deck to put the top up.
Thanmks again George

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