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Delco Battery



Looking for the Battery Graveyard

Is there such a place

Looking for a Delco Freedom Battery. Used in GM cars in the late 70s.
Your On a "Mission Impossible". Can I ask why you are looking for a 30+ year old battery??
Battery Graveyard

Roscoe, Goin' to Galveston this year?
NCRS National Convention ( "Bowtie Judging" ) with the 79?
If you find one of them batteries, I could use one too!
Good Luck :J:s:w maybe I'll see you in Mansfield,OH. in June:J
Roscoe, I talked to a guy who works for AC Delco yesterday, They make the batteries where he works. I asked him if he knew where to come up with this battery. He said that the battery on his 95 went out and he couldn't even find one that looked like his 5yr old car........I thought I heard of a place that was remanufactureing these, but, I can't remember where I seen it. If it comes back to me I'll let ya know.......Steve


Did you check with Restoration Battery? I know they make many different batteries that are exact look alikes for older Corvettes but I'm not sure if they make one that new. I can find the contact info if you need it.


give these guys a call Antique Auto Battery 1-800-426-7580
Any Luck?

Just wondering if you have had any luck with this Roscoe?
If so, Where?
I checked with all the above re-manufactures of batteries as well as Delco and they all said the same thing. The Freedom II battery is not being made at this time, maybe in the near future but they need more demand for them. I wanted one as I'm having my 82 flight judged this year. I had to settle for a new Delco battery.
Delco Freedom Battery

Yes, I too had to settle for a 1996 vintage Delco Freedom Battery in the black plastic case. It is not the correct CCA, but it's the best I could do.
Probably cost me 20 points in "flight judging"
But it's better than the "Interstate" that was in there!

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