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Delco Bose done/Magnaflows

Chris Kennedy

Well-known member
Apr 13, 2003
Houston, Texas
Well, I got the Delco Bose system working perfectly on The Rat (an '89). First, I "butt connected" in a used 89-style radio harness to replace the cut and hack job that was already there (the previous owner was an electrical engineer---hmmm...), then connected it up to one of those 94 Camaro CD players that are advertised in the Mid America catalog. I got mine off of Ebay, and had "Dr. Don" overhaul it and the amplifiers in the speakers. I put everything back in, and it really sounds great and looks terrific! Thanks, everyone, for your help and advice. Now, I have another question. Currently, I am using LT-1 style muffler eliminators, and the y-tubes will be needing to replaced at some point. I was thinking of getting the standard Magnaflow cat-back system for the car, and after searching the Forum couldn't find a picture of how the system looks on an earlier style C4 (mine's an '89). Does anyone have the Magnaflows on their car and could post a picture??


/s/ Chris Kennedy

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