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Detailing Wheel wells


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Dec 7, 2001
Glastonbury Ct USA
Y2k vette, 73 under construction
This might be a silly question but its almost time to bring out my toy again and I'd like try some shows. My question is while my toy is on blocks, I have really easy access to the wheel wells. Should I detail the wheel wells and if so with what.
Absolutely! Since the wheel wells are made of hard plastic, I normally clean them using Simple Green which works very well at removing built up grease and road grime. Then, I use either Formula 2000 or Armor All to give them a nice shine. Actually, the hard plastic wheels wells are the only components that I use Armor All on. It leaves a great shine.
I agree with all above, clean well with simple green or equivalent.

But, I use "Lemon Pledge" furniture polish in an aerosol can instead of armor-all. Spray it on a rag and wipe it on. Stays slick longer than Armor all to keep dirt from sticking.
ditto for the "Pledge". Good stuff for the underside of the hood also.
Yes, definitely clean up your wheelwells. I hate to look at a nice car, only to see that the wheelwells have been neglected; it really detracts from the car. And if you want to be competitive in shows, they will need to be cleaned and dressed.

After the wheelwells are cleaned, I will use Eagle One Protectant on them. It is reasonably priced and available locally. I don't use it on any other part of the car, just the wheelwells. Spray on a cloth and apply as needed.

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