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Details on April 26 Corvette Museum Bash


Big Jimm

It’s probably been posted a lot elsewhere but, I’ll ask again: Exactly what is
the April 26 Corvette Museum Bash? I understand that they will be showing
the 08 there .. which would be my interest. But, what else?

If it’s a 2 day affair, what do you do for 2 days?

I got my C6 in late May so I assume that I’m still a member for the first year.
Do members get any special benefits?

Why would it be worth the trip from south Florida to Bowling Green?

Big Jimm


Well-known member
Nov 7, 2006
Royse City Texas
2006 Victory Red Coupe
First NCM Visit?

Will it be your first visit to the NCM? Or, have you been before? If it is your first visit, it is worth the trip just to get to see the place you have heard and read so much about. I got my C6 in August and had been reading all the Corvette books I could get my hands on. So, my December visit to the NCM was pretty fun to finally get to see what I had been reading about. Of course, you also have the plant tour right across from the museum.
As a free first year memeber, I got into the NCM free, plus I 10% off merchandise in the store. (btw/ They made up for my free admission!)
I would love to get to go to one of these events and meet some folks I read online. For me, I have to wait a few more weeks til retirement helps "free up" some schedule time.
Now a Vette trip to south Florida...wow! Your return home trip would be a dream trip for me!

Big Jimm

Will it be your first visit to the NCM? Now a Vette trip to south Florida...wow! Your
return home trip would be a dream trip for me!
It would be my first time. Unlike most guys, however, I’m no longer interested
in the racing aspects of the program.

As I said, my interest would be seeing the 08 and the plant tour. However,
one thing I‘d LOVE to see is the painting. BUT, I understand you CAN’T see
that .. for various reasons.

Regarding your future “dream trip to south Florida” you won’t be disappointed.
I’ve lived here (from the Ohio valley) for 50 years. And, LOVE every minute
of it! I don’t mean to degrade any other part of the country as I’m sure you all
love your hometowns, too. Just that I love Palm Beach County.

Big Jimm


Mar 16, 2007
Valrico, FL
06 Z51 MR Coupe
Big Jimm,

I grew up north of Lexington, KY on the Ohio river. I have been in FL now for 20 years. The way I view this and other similar Corvette events, is as another "experience" in line with "all things Corvette." About 65% of Corvette owners now are 50 and older. :)

I have traveled extensively in all of the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. I don't mean just a vacation trip or two. I mean for the last 35 years in business and vacation. I have started on many trips I thought I would not like but almost all of them turned out to be good. What I see in this is the experience and the chance to see new things and meet new people. I have been to Bowling Green MANY times. I have never been to the Corvette Museum or a Corvette event like this one. When I get there I expect to see mostly Baby-Boomers and older folks, just like us :D

If you like meeting new people and seeing new things, you might want to seriously consider the event. Hope this helps. :beer


Gone but not forgotten
Feb 2, 2003
Mt Juliet, TN
2010 ZR1
I've attended every Birthday Bash except one. For complete details go to www.corvettemuseum.com and click on events. Then go to agenda for the daily activities.

Is it worth the trip? Absolutely! See and meet all the "who's who," of Corvette.
Attend seminars in the Museum theater (called Chevrolet theater), tour the assembly plant, scenic road tours, dinner with top Corvette officials, Q&A with Corvette engineers, Corvette memorabilia auction, car show, product vendors, autograph sessions, etc, etc.

See some of the most beautiful Corvettes and the great people who enjoy this lifestyle.

The Museum in itself is a MUST SEE for any Corvette enthusiast. History, artifacts, exhibits, one of a kind Corvette exhibits. Geez, I'm all excited about it and we were there just 5 days ago! :upthumbs

Looking forwarde to meeting YOU at the NCM> :w

Zippy :) :)

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